'Artlab was established in 2001 by group of artists to work towards expanding the awareness of Sri Lankan art within Sri Lanka and internationally. Within Colombo, a momentum has grown in visual arts, and therefore alternative opinions have surfaced representing different ideologies. The Artlab is a result of similar alternative opinions getting together to establish a certain methodology to bring current art knowledge to the public.....The publication of an art journal: A journal is planned to be published which would cater to a specialized as well as the general readership on Sri Lankan art.' - excerpt from the website.

The Archive holds the following issues of ArtLab:

2004: Volume 1 (in Sinhala language, 2 copies)

2006: Volume 2 (in Sinhala language),  Volume 2 (in Tamil language with similar contents have a different ISSN:1800-0320, 2 copies)

2007: Volume 3-4 (in Sinhala language, 2 copies)

2008: Volume 5-6 (in Shihala language)

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Art Lab

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Sri Lanka

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ArtLab (All holdings in AAA)
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ArtLab (All Holdings)

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