The publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of the same title held in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei from October to December 2013.

In the visual art exhibition, fourteen Taiwan artists and four curators from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China are invited to exchange their perspectives on trans-regional Asian contemporary art. Th exhibition also invites domestic and foreign speakers to the Asian Contemporary Art Forum, in which the participants take the initiative to break traditional frameworks and try to explore the possibilities for creating more transnational, non-Western mainstream development and collaborative forms.

The book includes biography of artists, and it comes with a supplementary CD.

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鬼島 | Island of Ghost

- CHANG Chingwen, 張晴文

內部的亞洲 | Internal Asia

- Nobuo TAKAMORI, 高森信男

物證 | Physical Evidence

- WANG Xiaosong, 王曉松

798: 當代藝術中的'中國製造' | 798: The Contemporary Art Made in China

- HANG Jian, 杭間

美術與工藝 | Art and Crafts [Kogei]

- Takahiro KANESHIMA

東亞地區論述之共享共有—超越狹隘之國家利益與國境 | Shared Discourse in East Asia - Beyond the Narrow-minded National Interests and Borders

- OZAKI Tetsuya, 小崎哲哉

隔絕今界 | Isolation

- KIM Sunhee, 김선희

亞洲性?藝術新韓流 | Asianness? New Korean Wave (Hall Yu) of Art

- LEE Kyungmin, 이경민

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