The in-depth catalogue for a travelling exhibition of 50 artists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand organised by the Japan Foundation's ASEAN Culture Centre. Artist biographies included in Japanese.

'The nations of Asia have been greatly affected both socially and culturally by Western modernism during the past few centuries. This is especially obvious in the area of art, and unique forms of modern art have developed against the historical background of each country. This exhibition presents examples of art of three countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, with quite different cultural backgrounds in language, religion, and history, examining the process by which they assimilated Western modernism and their current situation. It focuses on the question, What does Modernity mean to Asia?' - Excerpt from Introduction by the Japan Foundation Asia Centre.

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Indonesia: Art As Criticism - Akira TATEHATA, 建畠晢
The Emergence of Indonesian Modernism and its Background - Jim SUPANGKAT
Whispers of a Lost Child: The Heritage of Realism - Tsutomu MIZUSAWA, 水沢勉
The History of Modern Art in the Philippines - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Bangkok and Chiang Mai: Ways of Modernity - Junichi SHIODA, 塩田純一
History of Modern Art in Thailand - Somporn RODBOON
The Modern in Southeast Asia - Takashi SHIRAISHI
Asian Modernism: Diverse Developments in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand
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Asian Modernism: Diverse Developments in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand

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