This book was published in conjunction with a group exhibition of American Asian artists organised by the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, at the State University of the New Jersey. It is considered the first in-depth look by a Westerner at how, during the period of the American abstract movement (1945-1970), a number of Asian American artists combined Eastern traditions with the Modern techniques to create unique and meaningful works of art. The exhibition travelled to Taiwan, where a separate catalogue was published.

Includes artists' and authors' biographies.

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Satoru ABE, 阿邊悟

AHN Dongkuk, 안동국


Bernice BING

CHANG Louis Pal, 장발

CHAO Chunghsiang, 趙春翔

CHEN Chi, 程及

Chinyee, 青意

CHONG Fay, 陳惠

CHUANG Che, 莊喆

CHUN Sungwoo, 전성우

Isami DOI

HAN Nong, 한농

Saburo HASEGAWA, 長谷川三郎

Hisako HIBI

Paul HORIUCHI, 堀內保羅

HUI Kakwong, 許家光

Genichiro INOKUMA, 猪熊弦一郎


Dale JOE, 周帝祐

KAN Diana, 簡文舒

Matsumi KANEMITSU, 金光松美

Minoru KAWABATA, 川端実

KIM Byungki, 김병기

KIM Pohyun, 김보현

KIM Whanki, 김환기

Sueko M. KIMURA, 木村末子

KING Yienkoo, 王嫻歌

Masatoyo KISHI

LEE Soojai, 이수재

James LEONG, 梁漢強

MOY Seong, 莫松

Emiko NAKANO, 中野惠美子

Win NG, 伍榮輝

Minoru NIIZUMA, 新妻実

Isamu NOGUCHI, 野口勇

Tetsuo OCHIKUBO, 落窪哲夫

Toshio ODATE

Yutaka OHASHI, 大橋泰

Frank OKADA, 岡田法蘭克

Kenzo OKADA, 岡田謙三


Sumiye OKOSHI, 大越壽美惠

PAI John, 배영철

Tadashi SATO, 佐籘正


James Hiroshi SUZUKI, 鈴木浩

Toshiko TAKAEZU, タカエツトシコ

Teiji TAKAI, 高井貞二

Walasse TING, 丁雄泉

TSENG Yuho, 曾佑和

George TSUTAKAWA, 蔦川ジョージ

Ansei UCHIMA, 內間安齋

Toshiko UCHIMA, 內間敏子

C. C. WANG, 王己千

WANG Ming, 王銘

Wucius WONG, 王無邪

Noriko YAMAMOTO, 山本道子

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Chapter headings
Introduction: Finding the Middle Path - Jeffrey WECHSLER
Section I: Abstraction in Traditional and Modern East Asian Art
'Abstraction' in the Traditional Art of East Asia - TSENG Yuho, 曾佑和
With the Suddenness of Creation: Trends of Abstract Painting in Japan and China, 1945-1970 - Alexandra MUNROE
International Abstraction in a National Context: Abstract Painting in Korea, 1910-1965 - ROE Jaeryung, 노재령
Section II: Asian American Artists and Abstraction
Roundtable Discussion with Don Ahn, Dore Ashton, Chuang Che, Wen Fong, Yoshiaki Shimizu, Jeffrey Wechsler
From Asian Traditions to Modern Expressions: Abstract Art by Asian Americans, 1945-1970 - Jeffrey WECHSLER
Section III: Regional Views/Personal Views: Asian American Culture and Art
Hybrid Worlds, Singular Visions: Hawai'i's Asian American Heritage and Art - Marcia MORSE
Personalizing the Abstract: Asian American Artists in Seattle - Kazuko NAKANE
From Enemy Alien to Zen Master: Japanese American Identity in California During the Postwar Period - Karin HIGA
A Brief Cultural History of the Chinese in California: From Early Beginnings to the 1970s - Lorraine DONG, HOM Marlon
Nipponism and the Smell of Paint: A Recollection of New York, circa 1958-1961 - Yoshiaki SHIMIZU
Reminiscences of Mi Chou: The First Chinese Gallery in America - CHO Frank Fulai
Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970
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Asian Traditions/Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970

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