This is a guidebook of an exhibition held in connection with the 15th Anniversary celebration of Kasibulan, a group of women artists in the arts (visual arts, dance, literature, theater, etcetera). The objectives of the exhibition are pursued by articulating the theme of embodied spirituality, where body is not just anatomy but a social, psychic and spiritual space that is characterised by fluidity and wholeness, instead of hierarchy and dualities. 'We concretise this theme by invoking the figure of the babaylan, an ancient priestess, as metaphor through which women can regain control, to repossess, and to create a version of that past.' - cited from curator's notes.

(Balaybay is a combination of balay, meaning "house" in Hiligaynon and Ilocano; and bay, which is short for babaylan, a metaphor for embodied spirituality, the theme around which this exhibition revolves.)

Description and illustration of the works as well as map of exhibit are listed according to the following headings:
1) Performances
2) The Main Gallery: Entrance
3) The Entire Gallery: Connecting Pieces
4) Future/Willing: Where Do We Go From Here?
5) Future/Willing: Retablo
6) Present/Feeling
7) Past/Thinking: Self-portraits

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