The video 《跨越12海里 - 公海浮石漂流》 ("Beyond 12 Nautical Miles - Floating Rock Drifts on the Open Sea") by Zhan Wang is featured in this tape.

'Placed in a traditional courtyard, rockery satisfied people's desire to return to Nature by offering them stone fragments from nature. But huge changes in the world have made this traditional ideal increasingly out of date. I have thus used stainless steel to duplicate and transform natural rockery into manufactured forms. The material's glittering surface, ostentatious glamour, and illusory appearance make it an ideal medium to convey new dreams' - cited in Shoujie dangdai yishu xueshu yaoqing zhan [The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese contemporary art]

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Beyond 12 Nautical Miles: Floating Rock Drifts on the Open Sea
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Beyond 12 Nautical Miles: Floating Rock Drifts on the Open Sea, 跨越12海里 -公海浮石漂流