As mentioned in the foreword by Hiroaki Fujii, the president of the Japan Foundation, the exhibition was held as a part of the ASEAN – Japan Exchange Year 2003. Participating artists express their messages through the ‘surface’ of their works. As Fujii mentions, the works in the exhibition conveys the special Japanese passion for surface. The essay by Niimi examines Japanese influence on Western art since Japonisme and the Japanese design and architecture boom from the 1950s. Throughout his examination, he reminds us of the interests in the ‘surface’ and tactility in the Japanese art, which continue to be present in today’s Japanese art. Niimi also gives his observations for each artist, along with biographies and images of the works.

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Beyond the Surface - Why Japan?

- Ryu NIIMI, 新見隆

Commentary on the artist by Ryu NIimi/ Plates/ Biography

- Ryu NIIMI, 新見隆

Beyond the Surface - Japanese Style of Making Things
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Beyond the Surface - Japanese Style of Making Things