Catalogue published in conjunction with 'Broken Spectre', the first exhibition selected for Taipei Fine Arts Museum's curatorial project, curated by Yu Wei and artist collective ET@T. The exhibition featured Taiwan’s underground culture and local art scene in the 1990s based on materials from the ET@T online archive, with three commissioned artworks.

‘The three commissioned video installations by Hsu Che-Yu, Su Hui-Yu and Yu Cheng-Ta in this exhibition respectively echo three archives of Taiwan’s cultural history in the 1990s, including the Taipei Breaking Sky Festival (1995), the plays by the Taiwan Walker Theatre in its early days, and an article featuring a discussion on the queer body in Isle-Margin, a magazine of cultural criticism. This exhibition gazes again at the physical function-based cultural practices shaped by wrecked body, sensual pleasure and unmaterialised utopia during that period of time.’ -excerpted from TFAM’s website

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Letting Images Speak for Themselves—Some Expectations for Liberating Cultural Archives

- Hsingjou YEH, 葉杏柔

Broken Spectre

- YU Wei, 游崴

Happiness Never Comes Twice—A Retrospective Talk on Taiwan Walker Theatre

- SU Huiyu, 蘇匯宇, CHIU Weichieh, 邱威傑, CHEN Meimao, 陳梅毛

Our Conditions Are All the Same—A Record of Visiting Wu Chung-wei

- CHEN Wanyin, 陳琬尹

Only the Dominated Can Decide the Quality of Domination—Isle Margin and Eroticism

- YU Chengta, 余政達, Corrine, 珂琳, Chocorockxin LEE

Broken Spectre x Folk Art—The Genealogy of Spectre in Aesthetic Documents Taiwan

- GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍

Nameless Escape—Some Fragmented Thoughts on the Rupturing of Bodily Language in the 1990s

- CHANG Shihlun, 張世倫

A Person Who Is Always Busy Liberating Others But Has Never Liberated Himself—Experiences and Memories of Theatre, Film and Body in the 1990s

- Chocorockxin LEE
Broken Spectre
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Broken Spectre, 破身影