'This is the first comprehensive history of Burmese painting, from eleventh-century Pagan to the present, including over 175 painters and more than 300 photographs of work. The book explores the historical transformations of the art, with psychological interpretations of major artists, the legends which followed them, and analysis of their oeuvres. It also probes the unusual lateral dimensions of Burmese painting, where one thousand years of tradition have continued to survive and shape a rich corpus of largely unknown work.

Ranard links the traditional roots of Burmese painting in India with later influences from China, Thailand, Britain, Northern Europe, and America. Burma is an isolated country, but its art has been a major wellspring of inspiration in Southeast Asia. Today, the country struggles to reconcile complex pressures, and Ranard digs deeply to uncover these layers of conflict as reflected in Burmese painting.' —excerpt from front flap

Includes bibliography and encyclopedic index of Burmese painters.
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1. Wall Paintings and Parabaik: 800 Years of Tradition
2. The Early Modern Period: The Fall and Rise of the Court Painters
3. Early Pioneers of the Western School: British and Burmese
4. The Grand Confluence: Traditional Painting Meets the West
5. Mood and Methodology: Genesis of the Rangoon School
6. The Early Mandalay School: The Core Group
7. The Early Rangoon School: The Torch-Bearers
8. The Post-War Mandalay School: The Peripheral Group
9. The Rangoon School in the Post-War Period: Status Quo and a Traditional Revival
10. The Modernist Movement: The Mandalay Resurgence
11. The Modernist Movement: The Outsiders
12. Discovering the Burmese Galapagos: The 1990s
13. Fin de Siècle and Beyond
Burmese Painting: A Linear and Lateral History
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Burmese Painting: A Linear and Lateral History

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