The theme of the 2004 Busan Biennale is 'Chasm'. Sung-Huhn Lee, one the contributors of the catalogue said, 'The theme, chasm, is not just the slogan for this exhibition, since it was suggested on the basis that Busan Biennale 2004 should be considered as, not just another international interchange of contemporary art, but as a strategic opportunity, to realize the cultural politics and the cultural democracy... The chasm in our life has been suppressed and ignored by distorted identity and misled values of everyday life which was derived from our perception of history as a colonized country, compressed economic development, antidemocratic authoritarian regime, orientalism and attractive spectacles of capotalism... The artists who participate in the Busan Biennale 2004 will recall this historical trauma into reality and make us realize by visualizing it and awakening to a political perception.'

The 2004 Busan Biennale consists of 3 components: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sea Art Festival and Busan Sculpture Project. The exhibition catalogue provides an overview and short article(s) on each of the three components; together with artist biographies, exhibition floorplans and a blurb on the exhibition design.

N.B. Please note that only Asian artists are listed below
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Theme of Busanbiennale 2004 - LEE Sunghuhn
Beyond Post-colonial Trauma - CHOI Taeman, 최태만
A Letter to a certain Mr. P - In the memory of Yiso Bahc (1957-2004) - PARK Manu D., 박만우
Busan Biennale 2004: Chasm
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Busan Biennale 2004: Chasm

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