This catalogue of the touring exhibition China Avant-garde held from 1993 to 1994 in Berlin, Rotterdam, Oxford and Odense provides a retrospective of Chinese art and culture in the eighties and early nineties. From the work shown in this exhibition, two broad tendencies which may both be identified as avant-garde in that they challenged the established cultural order are shown: The first is that of innovation - the search for new form and languages; The second takes an ironical view of the ideologies and myths of the dominant culture by subverting its images. Apart from visual art, other areas of art including film, literature, theatre and music are also discussed.

In addition to the participating artists in the exhibition, a list of modern Chinese artists of the eighties and nineties with biographies is included.

Please note that the catalogue is also published in a Chinese and a German edition. The Chinese version is available in the library with the same location code.

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China Avant-Garde

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The >China Avant-garde< Project - Wolfger POEHLMANN

Beijing 1979-1992: Frequent Changes of Scene - Jochen NOTH, 岳恒

The Fine Arts after the Cultural Revolution - Hans van Dijk, 戴漢志

An Introduction to the History of Modern Chinese Art - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

The Precursors of Modern Chinese Art - LANG Shaojun, 郎紹君

Aesthetics, Art History and Contemporary Art in China - PI Daojian, 皮道堅

Modern CHinese Art and the Zhejiang Academy of Art in Hangzhou - ZHENG Shengtian, 鄭勝天

The Dao in Modern Chinese Art - LIU Weijian, 柳維堅

Chinese Cinema during the Period of Reform - Chang Hsienchen, 張纖箴

Issues in Contemporary Chinese Literature - Michael KAHN-ACKERMANN

Chinese Hermetic Lyric Poetry - Sabine PESCHEL

Modern Chinese Lyric Poetry - YAN Li, 嚴力

Theatre in China - Antje BUDDE

Beijing's Experimental Theatre - MENG Jinghui, 孟京輝

Chinese Music of the Eighties - Barbara MITTLER, 梅嘉樂

Cui Jian and the Birth of Chinese Rock Music - LIANG Heping, 梁和平, Ulrike STOBBE

Contemporary Chinese Photography - Andre KUNZ, 孔安得

China Avant-garde
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China Avantgarde

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