The exhibition entitled City of Swallows: Migration, Post/Colonial and new Taiwan Colour sets out to reconsider immigration and migration, post/colonial history and culture awareness in Taiwan by looking at the newest wave of Southeast Asian immigrants and migrant workers. As said by Chen Wen-hsiang in the preface, 'This exhibition explored several territories, integrating ideas from sociology and politics with visual, installation and performance art. City of Swallows attempts, from a cultural perspective, to depict the situation of migrant labourers and new immigrant spouses in light of the colonial and post-colonial changes of the past 100 years in Taipei... what this exhibition wants to convey is not immigration history, statistics or the economic contribution of new immigrants and migrants, but rather the cultural conflict, adjustment and adaptation these people must endure in Taiwan.'

The DVD contains artist interviews, images of works and performance footages. 

A catalogue of the exhibition (EX.TAI.CSM) is also available in the Archive.
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City of Swallows: Migration, Post/Colonial Memory and new Taiwan Colour, 燕子之城