This book belongs to Vol. 53 No.3 of Contemporary Indian Art published by Marg Publications. This volume Contemporary Indian Art - Other Realities "provides a much-needed perspective on contemporary Indian art, offering a dynamic rather than a static way of approaching the subject. Instead of a mere chronicling of modes and elucidation of styles of art which are now well known, the essays, written by scholars, deal with questions which, though often asked, remain open-ended. Within the broad conceptual framework of each essay, the works of individual artists are discussed. ... The changing parameters of postmodernism and diasporic art are also dealt with." - Extract from the inner cover of the book.

Apart from the essays, Reflections from various sources and index are included.

The Archive also holds a Reprint Edition of the title published in 2008 that consists of a different cover page.

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- Yashodhara DALMIA

Culture Specficity, Art Language, and the Practice of Modernism: An Indian Perspective

- R. Siva KUMAR

Abanindranath Tagore: A New Context

- Ella DUTTA

Folk Artists of Bengal and Contemporary Images: A Case of Reverse Appropriation

- Jyotindra JAIN

Now, Then, Beyond: Time in Indian's Contemporary Art

- Susan S. BEAN

Feminism and Women Artists in India

- Gayatri SINHA

The Paradigms for Post-Modern Art in India

- Yashodhara DALMIA

Eurocentrism and Contemporary Indian Art


Asian Modernisms

- John CLARK, 姜苦樂

An Indo-Mex Smorgasbord from the United States of Modernity


Contemporary Indian Art: Other Realities
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Contemporary Indian Art: Other Realities

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