Organised by the Japan Foundation, the International Symposium 2005 Cubism in Asia: Unbounded Dialogue was held in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title. It was part of the Foundation's 'Cubism in Asia Project', which was started in 2003 to 'address the issue of modernity in Asia by reexamining the history of modern art'. The symposium was a two-day event attended by 16 panelists from Japan and abroad. This report consists of transcriptions of the presentations and discussions. Also included are colour plates of works by select artists and the panelists' profiles.     
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国際シンポジウム2005「アジアのキュビスム」 報告書

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Keynote Speech: Why Cubism? - Akira TATEHATA, 建畠晢
Session 1 Metropolis / Transnationalism
Presentation 1: The Reputation of Cubism in 1930s Japan: Modernism, Academism, and America - Toshiharu OMUKA, 五十殿利治
Presentation 2: Cubism in the Paris of the East - SHEN Kuiyi, 沈揆一
Presentation 3: The Discursive Space of 'Asian Cubism' - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
Session 2 Postcolonial Situation
Presentation 1: Art and Culture in the Third Space: The Case of Indonesia - Jim SUPANGKAT
Presentation 2: Translucent Traces of People: Peasant and Proletariat in Philippine Cubism - Patrick D. FLORES
Presentation 3: Nayang Modernism: Between Idealisms - Ahmad MASHADI
Session 3 Body / Gender / Color / Decoration
Presentation 1: Representation of Women in 'Cubism in Asia' - KIM Youngna, 김영나
Presentation 2: Representation of Women and Imaginary Power - Masayuki TANAKA, 田中正之
Presentation 3: Asian Possessions of the Cubist Body: 'Home from Home' - Bert WINTHER-TAMAKI
Session 4 Narrative / Myth / Religion
Presentation 1: Asian Cubism and 'Narrative' - Masahiro USHIROSHOJI, 後小路雅弘
Presentation 2: Cubist Aesthetics and Narrative Strategies in Postrevolutionary Mexican Art - Karen Cordero REIMAN
Presentation 3: Narrative Cubism - Akira TATEHATA, 建畠晢
Reflecting on the Symposium: Comments from Moderators
Metropolis / Transnationalism 'How We Encountered Cubism' - Tsutomu MIZUSAWA, 水沢勉
Postcolonial Situation - Michio HAYASHI, 林道郎
Body/Gender/Color/Decoration - Tohru MATSUMOTO, 松本透
Narrative/Myth/Religion - Shigebumi TSUJI, 辻成史
Panelists' Profiles
Cubism in Asia Project
Cubism in Asia: Unbounded Dialogues -- Report
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Cubism in Asia: Unbounded Dialogues -- Report

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