This official catalogue is published for the International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009 (CREAM) held in various venues in Yokohama City, from October - November 2009.

'Living in this world free of technologically produced images is becoming impossible. In particular, with recent technological developments, chances for many people to see and produce images are rapidly increasing.

The festival embraces a variety of different fields, including contemporary art, media art, animation, film, photography and etc. It aims to encourage people to think about and discuss new forms of expression and new directions for our future by providing not only opportunities for people to view artworks, but also space for people to participate in image production.

Images had also been playing a large role in people making contact with other cultures, movement, or observing nature. Thus images are vital for us to recognize that the world can be seen in diverse ways by shifting our viewpoints. And those images are not just what they call artistic expressions but also recording media which engage with history and memories of our life. Image thus is a technology to be looked at with thoughts on how we interact with the society. Images are displayed usually within a frame, or on screen, but act on the space and our bodies.' — Fumihiko Sumitomo, Director of International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama

The catalogue includes artist statements and biographies, interviews and essays.

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HD、ケータイアプリ、YouTube、Tumblr…ひとり一人の発信が、革命的な“映像生態系(ディープイメージ)”を作り出す。 「世界の深み」に触れる映像作家たちの見方/作り方を完全収録。
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International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009 Official Catalogue |ヨコハマ国際映像祭2009公式カタログ | CREAM: Creativity for Arts and Media

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35 visual artists define the significance of visual imagery according to 4 points: Circulation / Uncertainty / Public Domain / Accessibility
The reality of the creative process: How to give life to the imagination
Analysis of contemporary visual society
A format-free visual wave
Competition awards: A new phase of visual art expression
Deep Images: Why We Need Images to Live?
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Deep Images: Why We Need Images to Live?, Deep Images:映像は生きるために必要か

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