'The controversial new masterpiece that everybody’s talking about' font set in Monaco) is on the cover of this small book that was printed on the occasion of the exhibition: Down in Fukuoka with the Belarusian Blues.  
The words of the exhibition title are a translation from French into English and a transposition to the present of a sworn deposition made on 18 July 1873, by an 18-year-old French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. In his testimony, he recounts his dramatic confrontation with another French poet, Paul Verlaine, then 29. The scene takes place in a cheap hotel in Brussels. Verlaine, drunk, enraged, and holding a handgun, fires on Rimbaud, wounding him in the wrist, while Verlaine’s mother sits alone in the bedroom.
The exhibition ran from 7 October to 7 November 2010 at Gallery Hyundai (in Sagandong, Seoul). Down in Fukuoka with the Belarusian Blues unfolds in several animated texts, each one a projection or on an LED screen in the gallery spaces. An original music soundtrack accompanies each work. The artists are: YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES (www.yhchang.com). Its principals, Young-hae Chang (Korea) and Marc Voge (U.S.A.), are based in Seoul. Sponsored by Samsung Electronics. 
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Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries: Teaser

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Down in Fukuoka with the Belarusian Blues
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Down in Fukuoka with the Belarusian Blues

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