Excerpt from Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art 2012, The Macao Museum of Art, Macau S.A.R., 2012, p. 27: ''The human body is the best picture of the human soul.' - Philosophy, Wittgenstein

Embodying Nature is a performance art with different levels. First, we had a thorough contact with nature nakedly in the woods nearby Chongqing, and the whole process was recorded by video. During the formal performance, we projected this video on the back wall of our stage. The content of the video was our interaction with nature in the forest. In addition, we also brought in other natural elements, such as bamboo, twigs, mud, etc. in an attempt to set up an artificial nature. Afterward we sat in front of the audience for a question and answer session.

Although this performance is conducted jointly by two artists from different countries, the key is that we are able to communicate in a creative way between our physical bodies. Our artistic languages are rather close to each other, as is our reverence for nature.

On the whole, this multi-layer art performance decomposes and restores social and historical relationships between humankind and nature, as well as between humans themselves.'

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Fu Ti Zi Ran

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Embodying Nature, 附體自然