'The "new art" of the late 1960s was shown in two landmark exhibitions in 1969: "Op Losse Schroeven" and "When Attitudes Become Form". This book reveals how each brought together Arte Povera, Anti-Form, Conceptual and Land art, whilst challenging such categories and introducing innovative curatorial strategies. Christian Rattemeyer offers a rich comparative analysis of the two exhibitions, exploring the related but differing approaches of the two curators - Wim Beeren and Harald Szeemann - in two distinct institutional settings - the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Kunsthalle Bern. Texts by Beeren and Szeemann, Charles Harrison and Tommaso Trini are complemented by new research and recent interviews with the artists Marinus Boezem, Jan Dibbets, Ger van Elk, Piero Gilardi and Richard Serra.' (Back Cover)

Includes bibliography and index. With author biographies.
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Exhibition Histories

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Introduction: Exhibiting the New Art - Teresa GLEADOWE
'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitudes Become Form' 1969 - Christian RATTEMEYER
'Op Losse Schroeven (Situations and Cryptostructures)', Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Chronology: Tracing 'Op Losse Schroeven (Situations and Cryptostructures)' - Steven ten THIJE
Catalogue Essay: The Exhibition - Wim BEEREN
When Attitudes Become Form (Works - Concepts - Processes - Situations - Information)', Kunsthalle Bern
Chronology: How Does an Exhibition Come into Being? - Harald SZEEMANN
Catalogue Essay: About the Exhibition - Harald SZEEMANN
Catalogue Essay: Against Precedents - Charles HARRISON
The Prodigal Maker's Trilogy. Three Exhibitions: Bern, Amsterdam, Rotterdam - Tommaso TRINI
'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitudes Become Form': Public Reception in the Netherlands and Switzerland - Steven ten THIJE
Avant-garde Marketing: 'When Attitudes Become Form' and Philip Morris's Sponsorship - Claudia DI LECCE
Temporary Artistic Communities - Piero Gilardi in Conversation with Francesco Manacorda
Interviews with Exhibiting Artists:
Marinus Boezem in Conversation with Steven ten Thije
Jan Dibbets in Conversation with Lucy Steeds
Ger van Elk in Conversation with Charles Esche and Steven ten Thije
Richard Serra in Conversation with Lucy Steeds
Exhibiting the New Art: 'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitudes Become Form' 1969
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Exhibiting the New Art: 'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitudes Become Form' 1969

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