'The Taipei Country Art Exhibition (TCAE) started the transformation of official art exhibitions in the 1990s. It became not only a competition that abolished traditional art media categories, but also a precursor of outdoor installation in government-sponsored art exhibitions. This book is edited by art historian Chiang Po-shin. The compilation includes two hundred relevant archives, along with articles written by invited art critics Lu Pei-yi, Yu Wei, Chen Kuan-yu, and Yang Chia-hsuan. Inspired by the environment, trash, noise, images, and the human body, these articles were written from various perspectives to analyze how the TCAE utilizes avant-garde experimentation within and outside the systems, and how this made the Tamsui River become a site where modern art evolved. This collective effort is to provide an exhibition history that entails both local context and global perspective.' - from the back cover

Includes chronology of key art events in Taipei County in the 1990s. 

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The Rhetoric of a Possible Telling

- Patrick D. FLORES

Across County Lines: Locating Exhibition Histories

- John TAIN, 譚鴻鈞

Toward the Future of Translocationalism: Where Global Exhibition Histories and Contemporary Art Archive Meet

- CHIANG Poshin, 蔣伯欣

The Tamsui River as a Method: Environmental Art (1994), Resurgence on the Tamsui River (1995), River: New Asian Art—A Dialogue in Taipei (1997)

- LU Peiyi, 呂佩怡

On the Rim of the Taipei Basin, 1993-1995: Trash, Noise, and the Experiment of Local Government-sponsored Art Exhibitions

- YU Wei, 游崴

View on the Tamsui River in 50 Years-Documenting Changes in the Human-Geographical Landscape under the Governance of Environmentalism

- CHEN Kuanyu, 陳寬育

Body Liberation at the Sides of the Taipei Basin Before and After the Lifting of Martial Law

- YANG Chiahsuan, 楊佳璇
Exhibition in Becoming: Taipei County Art Exhibition and Experimental Art, 1992–1997
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Exhibition in Becoming: Taipei County Art Exhibition and Experimental Art, 1992–1997, 流變的展覽:北縣美展與前衛實驗 1992–1997