Catalogue published on the occasion of 'Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art' at City Museum & Art Gallery, Hong Kong from December 1969 to January 1970.

'The amazing diversity of style and manner bespeaks at once the strength and weakness of the art of Hong Kong. The lack of uniformity, while creating a superficial impression of richness, also underlines the absence of a living tradition and the artistic discipline (not technique) that it closely associated with any active tradition. This fact has caused a certain amount of bewilderment and frustration among some of Hong Kong's young artists. It is not surprising that these artists should turn to an introspective and often abstract manner of expression.' - excerpted from the Introduction

Includes black-and-white images of artworks.

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當代香港藝術 1969–70, 

Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art 1960–70

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Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art
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Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art, 當代香港藝術