This book is an anthology of texts and images contributed by the participants in 'FIELDS: An Itinerant Inquiry Across the Kingdom of Cambodia', a roving residency in Cambodia in December 2013, curated by Vera Mey and Erin Gleeson. Participants of the three-week FIELDS journey included artists, curators, educators, and researchers.

Most of this book was originally written in English, and has been translated and published  as two separate volumes, in Khmer and in English. The present version is in English, while the Khmer version is also available in the library with the same location code.
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An Introduction, Or: Eat the Sour Fruits with Salt and Chilli - Charlotte HUDDLESTON, Roger NELSON
Part 4 School Journal Number 1, 1986 - Vera MEY
I Keep Somehow Uneasy and Wordless - Tith Kanitha, Interviewed by Vera MEY
Conversations with Vietnamese who Migrated from Vietnam and Resided in Nakorn Phanom, Thailand Before and During the American War - Arin RUNGJANG, อริญชย์ รุ่งแจ้ง
I'm Not Political, But We are All in this Together: Living Life, Touring with a Trans(ient)-national Community in Cambodia? - Janita CRAW
The Problem with Sunset II - Erin GLEESON
(Untitled) - Lim SOKCHANLINA
Glossary - Julia MORITZ
(Untitled) - Khvay SAMNANG
Mentally Ill Because of Desire, Chapter I - Soth POLIN
The Present is a Foreign Country: Some Thoughts on the (Dis)entanglement of Exploration and Conquest - Roger NELSON
(Untitled) - Tue GREENFORT
About Stories - Charlotte HUDDLESTON
Pages of Movement and Actions for Water Surfaces - Alex MONTEITH
The Undead - Albert SAMRETH
A Translation of FIELDS - HSU Fangtze Jaime, 許芳慈
(Untitled) - Amy Lee SANFORD
Phnom Penh: City as Exhibition - Vera MEY, Luke Willis THOMPSON
(Untitled) - Sarah MUNRO
After FIELDS Guide - Erin GLEESON
Art&Education Announcement - Erin GLEESON, Vera MEY, Albert SAMRETH
FIELDS Itinerary - Erin GLEESON, Vera MEY
Fields: An Itinerant Inquiry Across the Kingdom of Cambodia
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Fields: An Itinerant Inquiry Across the Kingdom of Cambodia

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