'Flight Patterns' was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art between 12 Nov, 2000 - 11 Feb, 2001. "Connie Butler has developed an exhibition that both contextualizes the work of artists working in this region and engages in an international dialogue with work by artists from elsewhere in the Pacific region. The exhibition's theme - rethinking the topographic tradition and the land as subject - brings together a long history of artists working primarily with photography in the American West with that of artists using similar practices to address landscapes that have parallel histories of post-coloniality" - Jeremy Strick, Director of Museum of Contemporary Art. Extract taken from Director's Foreword, "Flight Patterns". Includes essays by Cornelia Butler, Lee Wengchoy and Francis Pound.
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Director's Foreword
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- Cornelia BUTLER


- Francis POUND

Just What is it that Makes the Term Global-Local So Widely Cited, Yet So Annoying?

- LEE Wengchoy, 李永財

Flight Patterns
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Flight Patterns

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