Featured in this video are shots of Fontanian, an artist community in Fotan industrial area, Hong Kong.

Fotanian is the third open studio since 2001, it attracts up to 14 studios and 61 local artists to participate in this self-run visual arts activities.

From 2001 onwards, more than thirty local artists have established their studios in Fotan industrial area. It unveils the new room of the visual arts development and new perspective of artworks production and appreciation in Hong Kong.

Video by the AAA.
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AMAE Artgroup, AMAE 藝術組合

AU Hoilam, 區凱琳

CHAN Kamshing, 陳錦成

CHAN Rosetta, 陳錦華

CHAN Si Si Hoisze, 陳凱詩

CHENG Chifai, 鄭子輝

CHENG Chikit Jacky, 鄭智傑

CHENG Reed, 鄭明輝

CHEUNG Guy Chikai, 張志佳

CHONG Yikei, 莊依琪

CHOW Chunfai, 周俊輝

CHU Chester Dang, 朱丹

CHUI Puichee, 徐沛之

FONG Eliza, 方心蕙

FUNG Ivy Chingping, 馮菁萍

Carmen HO, 何寶容

HO Phiean, 何楚施

HUNG Saulai, 洪秀麗

KWAN Jacqueline Puiyin, 關珮賢

KWAN Sheungchi, 關尚智

Florence Meilun KWONG, 鄺美倫

Tony KWONG, 鄺裔強

Alice Ngayu LAI, 賴雅如

LAM Tinwai, 林天惠

LAM Tungpang, 林東鵬

LAM Waikit, 林慧潔

LAM Yuklin Pauline, 林玉蓮

LAW Manlok, 羅文樂

LEE Kit, 李傑

LEE Kwokchuen Woody, 李國泉

LEE Yinkan Amy, 李嬿勤

LEUNG Chingman Castaly, 梁靜雯

LEUNG Chiwo Warren, 梁志和

LI Jessie Puilan, 李佩蘭

LI Tinlun Otto, 李天倫

Gordon LO, 盧家彥

LO Winnie Waili, 盧瑋莉

LOUIE Karen, 雷愛恆

LUI Chunkwong, 呂振光

LUK Tsingyuen, 陸貞元

MA Chihang, 馬智恆

MA Dianna, 馬慧英

MAK Yeeman, 麥綺文

MAR Esther Saukuen, 馬秀娟

NG Manyu Pauline, 吳敏瑜

NGAN Clement Kaiming, 顏啟明

PAK Sheungchuen Tozer, 白雙全

PANG Laito Elisa, 彭麗桃

SHAM Sam Shiyui, 沈仕銳

SHEK Mingwai Zoe, 石明慧

TAM Aggie Shuining, 譚瑞玲

TAM Esmond, 譚樟坤

TAM Tommy Onkin, 譚安健

TANG Sam Siunam, 鄧紹南

TSANG Chuimei, 曾翠薇

TSE Sukting Sara, 謝淑婷

WONG Chihang Sara, 黃志恆

WONG Waiyin Doris, 黃慧妍

Felix YAU, 邱崇智

YIP Siuka, 葉小卡

YUEN Geran Kitsum, 元潔心

YUEN Julie Somi, 阮素媚

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Fotanian, 伙炭

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