'Franklin Furnace is a renowned New York–based arts organisation whose mission is to preserve, document, and present works of avant-garde art by emerging artistsparticularly those whose works may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect or politically unpopular content. Over more than thirty years, Franklin Furnace has exhibited works by hundreds of avant-garde artists, some of whomLaurie Anderson, Vito Acconci and the Blue Man Group, to name a feware now established names in contemporary art and entertainment. 

'Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive history of this remarkable organisation from its conception to the present. Organised around the context of the major art genres that emerged in the second half of the twentieth century
—artists' books, live art, and digital performance—this book intersperses first-person narratives with empirical observations on issues critical to the organisation's success as well as Franklin Furnace's many contributions to avant-garde art.' (back cover)
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A History of the Future

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Part I

Chapter 1: Franklin Furnace: A Timeline

Chapter 2: A Long Conversation with Martha Wilson

Art and the Loft Law in Downtown New York City - Paul M. Gulielmetti

Money and Art at Franklin Furance in the Early Years - Barbara Quinn

Some of My Performances in Retrospect - Annie Sprinkle

When Franklin Furance Went Virtual - Robert Galinsky

Exemplary Quality Irreverence - Adrianne Wortzel

You Can't Stay Avant-Garde - David S. Perlmutter

Part II

Chapter 3: Broadcasting Artists' Ideas

Chapter 4: Virtually Live

Chapter 5: Preserving the Avant-Garde

Frankin Furance Publications

Franklin Furnace and the Spirit of the Avant-Garde
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Franklin Furnace and the Spirit of the Avant-Garde

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