Contemporary art in Vietnam, beginning from the early 90's, experienced a tremendous transformation. The opening of a political space stimulated the emergence of new art forms, stylistic diversity, and a general activation of the art scene. This book offers the reader a view into this dramatic period of growth in the visual arts in Vietnam. The essays include investigations into subjects such as how art changes in a time of transition, the influence of market mechanisms on the art processes, analyses of new art forms in Vietnam, as well as personal impressions, artist profiles and exhibition reviews.

The book also includes works by artists Craig Walsh and Debra Porch who have participated in artist residency programs in Vietnam.
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Hanoi. Utopia and Reality. Urban Theme in Contemporary Visual Art
Contemporary Vietnamese Art: Obstacles of Transition
Vietnamese Installation Art. New Form in an Old Place
Vietnamese Modern Art. Change. Stagnation. Potential. Strategy
Folk and Modern Art
Missing a Kiss. The art of Nguyen Minh Thanh
Movement and Metamophose. (Le Hong Thai)
Nostalgia (Bui Huu Hung)
Simple Stories (Nghiem Xuan Binh)
Composition: Movement and Immobility
Under the Mountain (Maritta Nurmi)
Drowning = Solidity (Le Hong Thai)
Ha My Ly and Le Ngoc Hieu at Galerie Dauphin
Human - Nature
Causal Relations
Dreams and Whispers. Hania Galan at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi
Time out of Joint
Philip Morris Damages Your Health
Translating Ideas
Tradition Responds to Change
From nostalgia towards exploration: essays on contemporary art in Vietnam
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From nostalgia towards exploration: essays on contemporary art in Vietnam

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