Monograph published in conjunction with Gao Shiqiang's solo exhibition of the same title at Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing from April to June 2009. It gathers major works by the artist from the mid-1990s to the present, accompanied by his notes, journal entries, sketches and essays by critics. Chronology of works included.

'Gao Shiqiang observes the changing values of societies and individuals, and what appears and disappears with changes of contemporary China, vigorously working on a cinematic scale of video and film narratives for the recent five years. The historical discontinuity, cultural rupture and deepening conflict between generations, which have been imposed to most of Asian countries by the turmoil of the 20th century, are also unquestionably found in the Chinese society, though in a different aspect: that is, an absolute value of a period vanishes fleetingly or is judged in another way and a legend at one time is degraded to a transient past or a failed present to the next generation.' - excerpt from essay by Kim Hyunjin
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gao shi qiang di dian shang de shi jian

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Meandering in History with Stories - Gao Shiqiang's Video Work - Ursula PANHANS-BUEHLER
Agonizing Subjects in a Rapidly Changing Society - KIM Hyunjin, b. 1975, 김현진
Slowly Stretching Out to the Image - Reflections after Viewing Gao Shiqiang's Videos - HU Bushi, 胡不適
Vision as Strategy - Narrative and Gaze in Gao Shiqiang's Video Works - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
A Classical Approach: The Specificity of Gao Shiqiang's Video and Installation Art in the Context of the Hangzhou School - Megan C. MCSHANE
Moments in History - ZHENG Zhuangzhou, 鄭莊舟
Searching in History of Thoughts - A Conversation between Zuo Jing and Gao Shiqiang - GAO Shiqiang, 高世強, ZUO Jing, 左靖
Gao Shiqiang: The Other There
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Gao Shiqiang: The Other There, 高世强:地點上的時間

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