Gieve Patel and Sudhir Patwardhan are artists who engage in a dialogue through their work addressing issues of fragmentation, materiality and isolation. There's a fundamental similarity in the visual language employed by Patel and Patwardhan. Though both engage with the urban landscape and scenes from the street, they approach their works in different ways. The present catalogue of the joint exhibition by Patel and Patwardhan held at Bose Pacia includes essay by Ranjit Hoskote, writings by the artists and artist biographies.

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The Startling View from the Studio: Recent Paintings by Gieve Patel and Sudhir Patwardhan - Ranjit HOSKOTE
'Gieve Patel: Looking into a well'... beyond Metaphor - Sudhir PATWARDHAN
The Adequacy of Painting (extract) - Sudhir PATWARDHAN
The Work of Art these Past Few Decades - Sudhir PATWARDHAN
City of the Soul: Sudhir Patwardhan's 'Ulhasnagar' - Gieve PATEL
On Sudhir Patwardhans' Drawings - Gieve PATEL
Daruwalla's Ashoka Poem and Patwardhan's Drawings in Time (extract) - Gieve PATEL
Two Visions (extract) - Gieve PATEL
On Sudhir Patwardhan's 'Town' - Gieve PATEL
The Human Presence (extract) - Gieve PATEL
Gieve Patel: An Interview with Sudhir Patwardhan
Gieve Patel, Sudhir Patwardhan
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Gieve Patel, Sudhir Patwardhan

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