Catalouge of exhibition by Guo Wei and Guo Jin held at Goedhuis Contemporary, New York in 2007. Guo Wei and Guo Jin are brothers who make their art in Chengdu, China. Committed as they are to figurative art, the two painters, in the middle of their careers, would seem to be traditionally oriented. However, the work of both artists is more complex and contemporary than might seem at first glance - Guo Wei's edgy, nervous portraits of Chinese youths feel utterly original, while Guo Jin's beautiful versions of landscapes and birds communicate, in their idiosyncratic lyrical way, a new vision of the given conventions of Chinese painting. Artist biographies are provided in the present catalogue.
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Guo Wei & Guo Jin: Figurative possibilities

- Jonathan GOODMAN

Guo Wei & Guo Jin: figurative possibilities
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Guo Wei & Guo Jin: figurative possibilities