Catalogue of joint exhibition held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2008. With artist biographies.

'The starting point for "Looking for Antonio Mak" is the artwork of the significant Hong Kong artist, Antonio Mak (1951-1994). Antonio's sculptures and paintings have made a deep and enduring impression on many who have encountered them. His figurative cast-bronze works, visually evocative and beautifully crafted, present a uniquely Mak-ian iconography that is stylistically Western yet integrally Chinese. To many, he is a quintessentially Hong Kong artist. Yet, over the past ten years Antonio Mak's artworks have all but disappeared from the public arena in Hong Kong.

Taking the work of Antonio Mak as a starting point, this group exhibition will utilize a multi-layered approach to examine the questions of where and how the art of Antonio Mak exists today, physically, psychologically and metaphorically; and of how our own perceptions of his work and of ourselves might be changed by reencountering his art and his history in our own time.

The first layer will comprise an "exhibition within-an exhibition" of Antonio Mak's works from both public and private collections. For the second layer, the curator has invited the participation of a group of seven Hong Kong artists working in a variety of media (Fung Ming Chip, Jaffa Lam, Lee Man Sang, Lo Yin Shan, Simon Birch, Kwan Sheung Chi and Kung Chi Shing) as well as Shanghai-based conceptual artist Wu Shanzhuan, to create new works in response to Antonio Mak's art and history. For the third layer of the exhibition, both private and institutional collectors of Antonio's works will be invited to photograph the exact placement of his art within their own particular spaces on a given day in the year. The resulting photographic exhibition will thus create a picture of precisely where and how Antonio Mak's works exist physically in a specific time frame.

In this way, the exhibition hopes to create many new encounters: between Antonio's works and the Hong Kong public, between Antonio and individual Hong Kong artists, and between collective history and personal memory.'  - Valerie C. Doran 
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Antonio MAK, 麥顯揚

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Coming out from the Mold - WONG Yankwai Yank, 黃仁逵
Fragments of Antonio Mak - HO Hingkay Oscar, 何慶基
Remembering Antonio Mak: Thanking Valerie Doran - Lianne HACKETT
Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue Exhibition Series III: Looking for Antonio Mak
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Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue Exhibition Series III: Looking for Antonio Mak, 尋找麥顯揚