'Hong Kong not only plays host to one of the most important art and auction markets in the world, but is also home to an extremely vibrant local art scene. Hong Kong Artists is the first international publication dedicated to this unique and burgeoning artistic landscape, introducing twenty visual contemporary artists and their work through a collection of proclaiming images and writings. The media used are as broad as the ideas they convey, and range from pencil drawing to public performance, from painting to computer-animated video work. The focus of Hong Kong Artists is on the generation of artists born between the late 1970s and the mid 1980s. A series of introductory essays on identity, culture, urbanism, economy and artistic traditions frame the parameters of this collection of artists and their work and ideas, giving the reader the background information to this extraordinary setting.' —from the publisher's website

Includes in-depth essays on individual artists and their biographies. Editor and author biographies are provided.

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Hong Kong Artists / 20 Portraits - Christoph NOE, Cordelia NOE
The Everchanging Hybridity Between Global Art Practices - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
Characterizing Excellence / The Evolution of the Hong Kong Economy - LI Kuiwai
Art and Artists in the Urban Context - William LIM, 林偉而
Tradition on Edge / Ink Heritage and the Way Forward - Catherine MAUDSLEY, 毛岱康
Nadim Abbas / I would prefer not to - Philip TINARI, 田霏宇
Eastman Cheng / Cute and cuddly - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
Chihoi / Le Caricaturiste surréal - Connie LAM, 林淑儀
Chow Chun Fai / The Assertion of Painting - Robin PECKHAM, 岳鴻飛
Ho Sin Tung / Storyboards of Fantasy - Kito NEDO
Phoebe Hui / Putting Sensitivity in Place - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽
Kwan Sheung Chi / Tragedy and Romanticism - Anthony YUNG, 翁子健
Lam Tung-pang / Making Sense of the Moment - Abby CHEN, 陳暢
Lee Kit / So Empty yet so Full - Anthony YUNG, 翁子健
Leung Ka-yin, Joey / Bizarre Rhymes - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
Florian Ma Ho Yin / Deforming and Authenticity - LAI Minghoi Victor, 黎明海
Pak Sheung Chuen / Spiritual and Civic Community - Cosmin COSTINAS, 康喆明
Eric Siu / The Art of the Meta-Gag - Erkki HUHTOMO
Tang Kwok-hin / Labour of Collage - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
Tsang Kin-Wah / Wordscapes - KOON Yeewan, 官綺雲
Adrian Wong / Diving into the Obscure - Pauline J. YAO, 姚嘉善
Magdalen Wong / A Romantic Exercise in Conceptualism - Kito NEDO
Morgan Wong / The Utility of Futility - CHOI Hoiying Alvis, 蔡海盈
Wong Wai Yin / A Parallax View - Pauline J. YAO, 姚嘉善
Samson Young / Divided Attention - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽
Hong Kong Artists / 20 Portraits
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Hong Kong Artists / 20 Portraits

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