'Hong Kong as a world city draws on a rich variety of foundational "texts" in film, fiction, architecture and other forms of visual culture. The city has been a cultural fault-line for centuries — a translation space where Chinese-ness is interpreted for "Westerners" and Western-ness is translated for Chinese. Though constantly refreshed by its Chinese roots and global influences, this hub of Cantonese culture has flourished along cosmopolitan lines to build a modern, outward-looking character. Successfully managing this perpetual instability helps make Hong Kong a postmodern stepping-stone city, and helps make its citizens such prosperous and durable survivors in the modern world. This volume of essays engages many fields of cultural achievement. Several pieces discuss the tensions of English, closely associated with a colonial past, yet undeniably the key to Hong Kong’s future. Hong Kong provides a vital point of contact, where cultures truly meet and a cosmopolitan traveller can feel at home and leave a sturdy mark.' (excerpt from front flap)

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Hong Kong on the Move: Creating Global Cultures - Kam LOUIE
Ten Years Later: 1997-2007 as History - John M. CARROLL
Power Plays: Alternative Performance Art and Urban Space in the Political Life of the City - Carolyn CARTIER
The Haunted City: Hong Kogn and Its Urban Others - David CLARKE, 祈大衛
Chinese English, English Chinese: Biliteracy and Translation - HO Elaine Yeelin
Louise Ho and the Local Turn: The Place of English Poetry in Hong Kong - Douglas KERR
From Xu Xi to the Chief Executive: Hong Kong in the Dock - Mike INGHAM
The 'New' East Asia and Hong Kong Cinema - C.J. Wan-ling WEE
One Country Two Cultures? Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema and Co-productions - CHU Yiuwai, 朱耀偉
Departing from The Departed: The Infernal Affairs Trilogy - Gina MARCHETTI
One Spectral Mutations: The Ghostly City in The Secret, Rouge and Little Cheung - CHEUNG Esther M. K.
Global Dreams and Nightmares: The Underside of Hong Kong as a Global City in Fruit Chan's Hollywood, Hong Kong - Pheng CHEAH
Hong Kong Watcher: Tammy Cheung and the Hong Kong Documentary - Chris BERRY
Global Music/Local Cinema: Two Wong Kar-wai Pop Compilations - Giorgio BIANCORUSSO
Hong Kong Culture: Word and Image
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Hong Kong Culture: Word and Image

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