'Festival of Vision: Hong Kong - Berlin' was organized by the House of World Cultures in Berlin and the Institute of Contemporary Culture in Hong Kong to facilitate and stimulate cultural dialogue and exchange between the two cities. The first phase of 'Festival of Vision', 29 July to 10 September 2000, brought Hong Kong art and culture to the people of Berlin in the form of a bamboo pavilion, exhibitions, films, concerts, dance and theatrical performances and multimedia projects.

This publication includes contributions by Hans-Georg Knopp, Danny Yung, Ulrich Sacker, Benjamin Lee, Hartmut Haubermann, Horace Wan-Kan Chin, Beate Rusch, Vicki C.H. Ooi, Leung Ping-kwan, Rocco Yim, Desmond Hui, Leung Man-tao and others.

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Chapter headings
Hong Kong in Berlin - Berlin in Hong Kong
Cultural Exchange is like an Iceberg - Hans-Georg KNOPP
Into the 21st Century: Hong Kong Government Cultural Policy - Danny YUNG, 榮念曾
A Creative Venture Between Asia and Europe - Ulrich SACKER
Culture and the City
Cultural Exchange in an Age of Globalisation - LEE Benjamin
Living City, Lively City or Presentation of Urbanity - Hartmut HAUBERMANN
'Creative Industries' as Chance in Hong Kong - CHIN Horace Wankan, 陳雲根
Culture and Hong Kong
Hong Kong- A Distant Smoke Signal - Beate RUSCH
The Negated Self - OOI Vicki Chenghar, 黃清霞
'Artists Beyong Rigid Boundaries' Interview with Leung Pingkwan
Four Grand Inventions
United Nations of Inventions - CHIN Horace Wankan, 陳雲根
Ephemeral Permanence: A Dialogue between Rocco Yim and Desmond Hui on the Bamboo Theatre Design
Notes on the 'Four Grand Inventions'- For Non-Chinese Who Do Not Know Zuni Icosahedron - LEUNG Man Tao, 梁文道
Elegant Emptiness- The Aesthetics of Anti-Aesthetics of 'Four Grand Inventions' - LIN Kehuan, 林克歡
Glimpse of the Tradition of Chinese Theatre - LEUNG Man Tao, 梁文道
Notes on the 'Four Grand Inventions'- Digitisation of Space and Time - LEUNG Man Tao, 梁文道
Cultural Encounter 1: Video Circle
Mirror and Media- Video Circle - Danny YUNG, 榮念曾
'To Read the Maps in Our Mind' Statements by Video Circle Artists
Cultural Encounter 2: One Table Two Chairs
The Simple Concept- About the Performances of One Table Two Chairs - OOI Vicki Chenghar, 黃清霞
An Asian-German Theatre Project - Silke BAKE, Lavinia FRANCKE
'Possibilities Can Be Generated from a Single Starting Point' Statements by performers of One Table Two Chairs
Cultural Encounter 3: Black Boxes
'2'- The Black Box Exercise in Berlin - Henrike GROHS, Peter WINKELS
Cultural Encounter 4: Cities, Discoveries
Different Images from Children's Heart - KAN Taikeung, 靳埭強
Caring for our Children Saving our Cities - CHERNG Daphne
Canto Pop
People Mountain People Sea - CHUNG Winnie
A Playful Rebel: Press Comments about Anthony Yiu Ming Wong
Made in Hong Kong
Movies from Hong Kong Know No Boundaries - Ralph UMARD
Asian Bearings and Post-97 Mentalities - LI Cheukto, 李焯桃
Hong Kong in Berlin: Festival of Vision
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Hong Kong in Berlin: Festival of Vision