Catalogue of the first exhibition in the 'Hong Kong Culture Series' organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1994. This exhibition addresses not only the issue of cultural identity but also focuses on the most important decade in Hong Kong's cultural history. This catalogue includes pictures of the exhibited items and historical photographs of Hong Kong.

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Xiang gang liu shi nian dai shen fen wen hua ren tong yu she ji

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六十年代/九十年代:將人民逐漸分解 (60's/90's: dissolving the people) - Matthew TURNER, 田邁修
六十年代香港的兀電影與女性身份 - MAN Kitwah Eva, 文潔華
六十年代: 歷史概覽 - XIAN Yuyi, 冼玉儀
From the rhetoric of empire to the discreet charm of the Bourgeoisie: the Hong Kong film unti 1959-1969 - Philip ROBERTSON
六十年代香港廣告影像文化 - KWOK Yanchi, 郭恩慈, Shaoyi HUANG, 黃少儀
六十年代三題 - LAW Kar, 羅卡
Hong Kong identity: here & now (香港文化與六十年代) - LO Kum, 魯金
Hong Kong Sixties: Designing Identity
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Hong Kong Sixties: Designing Identity, 香港六十年代:身份、文化認同與設計

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