The publication is produced on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of the same title held in National Library in Singapore in October 2006.

The exhibition is a retrospective celebration of the exhibition held at the old National Library in 1966, which has been one of the first Singapore art exhibitions to take place after the country's independence. Works by the same six artists were exhibited again. Instead of featuring the art works, the catalogue presents a discussion on them, especially regarding the use of materials. The writings are supported by black-and-white photographs.

Including biographies of the artists.
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Mu ke zhan: si shi nian de hui yi

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About Woodcuts / 話木刻

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Wood Prints in Singapore

- Georgette CHEN

1966 - the Year of the 6-men Woodcut Show

- Chengtju LIM

The Story of 'The Workout'

- Chengtju LIM

The Story of 'Seascape'

- Chengtju LIM

A Brief History of Woodcuts in Singapore

- Chengtju LIM, Kweehorng FOO, KOH Nguanghow, 許元豪

Materials and Processes

- Kweehorng FOO

Woodcut Prints / 談木刻畫

- Marco C. F. HSU, 瑪戈

Praphan's Woodcut Show / 由巴氏板刻展覽談本邦板刻藝術

- Muhue LIM, 林木化

The Solitude of Local Woodcut Prints / 當代木刻版畫的寂寞原因

- Teechie TAN, 陳世集

A Report on the 6-men Woodcut Show / 星洲共和國六人木刻展評介

- Muhue LIM, 林木化

Concerning Woodcuts / 新加坡木刻版畫的關懷

- Teechie TAN, 陳世集

Imprints of the Past: Remembering the 1966 Woodcut Exhibition
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Imprints of the Past: Remembering the 1966 Woodcut Exhibition, 木刻展:四十年的回憶

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