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RNH Space, founded in 2020, is a tiny but versatile space located in Tai Kok Tsui area. Designed for encapsulating free and multi-faceted manifestations of emotions and philosophies, it regularly hosts cross-media art exhibitions and related programmes. Through working closely with artists of all kinds, RNH Space seeks to observe and delve into the diverse trajectories of vulnerability as a discourse upon the interweaving nature between meticulous observations and intricate perceptions.  

RNH Space 成立於2020年,是位於大角咀的一個多用途小型空間,定期舉辦跨媒介藝術展覽及項目,開放自由多樣的情感與哲思表達。RNH Space 望透過與藝術家的緊密合作,細閱各種創作模式,以「脆弱」作為軌道,探討種種藉由細膩觀察與私密情感相互依存的概念。

—taken from RNH Space's website

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