i/We: the paintings of ZENG FANZHI, 1991-2003
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The exhibition includes approximately 40 major works from the artists spanning the last 12 years. The exhibition offers a comprehensive retrospective of Zeng Fanzhi's art, as well as a fine opportunity for the public to enter his world and further an understanding of contemporary art in China.
Two diametrically opposed emotions - that of humor and anxiety - are interwoven in his works and these are exactly two extremes of expreience that the urbanization of daily life have imposed upon us. In the last 12 years Zeng Fanzhi has created various spiritual portraits of Chinese contemporaries. From this persepctive, the figures in his paintings are not only me/I but also us/we.

This is the leaflet for Fanzhi ZENG's retrospective exhibition held in Shanghai Art Museum, China. It includes an introduction and images of some of his works.

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i/We: the paintings of ZENG FANZHI, 1991-2003, 我‧我們:曾梵志的繪畫 1991-2003

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