Jiang Dahai was born in Nanjing, China, in 1949. After studying and teaching at Department of Oil Painting in Central Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing, he moved to France, where he now lives and works. For this exhibition, he showed paintings taking subjects from landscapes and clouds. Both the catalogue essay by Taiwanese curators discuss his painting as girding Eastern spirits, despite it appearing to be much related to Western abstract paintings. All texts are in Chinese, except for the artist’s biography and the titles of works provided English translation.
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「半夢的心象.半醒的自然」﹣ 讚江大海的畫

- J.J. SHIH, 石瑞仁

需要凝視冥想的繪畫 閱讀江大海「自然風景與雲」系列近作

- WANG Yuling, 王玉齡

Jiang Da Hai 1999
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Jiang Da Hai 1999, 江大海