This publication is published on the occasion of an exhibition titled 'Body and Matter: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Satoru Hoshino' at Dominique Levy Gallery, New York from January to April 2015.

Shiraga, often associated with the postwar Japanese artist collective Gutai, is known for his foot painting (which he uses his bare foot to paint). Essays collected in this catalogue explores the aesthetic, philosophical, and historical dimensions of such a painting method, and also include writings by the artist. 

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Kazuo Shiraga: Painting as Ritual - Alfred PACQUEMENT
'Not Just Beauty, But Something Horrible': Kazuo Shiraga and Matsuri Festivals - Ming TIAMPO, 蔡宇鳴
The Action Painting of Kazuo Shiraga - Shoichi HIRAI, 平井章一
I Challenged Mud, After... - Reiko TOMII, 富井玲子
Shiraga's Symbols - Antoni TAPIES
Suiju (Drunken Beast) - Ming TIAMPO, 蔡宇鳴
Thinking with Shiraga - John RAJCHMAN
'Something Comes Out of Your Subconscious': An Interview with Kazuo Shiraga - Jean-Hubert MARTIN
The Very Act (1955) - Kazuo SHIRAGA, 白髮一雄
The Establishment of the Individual (1956) - Kazuo SHIRAGA, 白髮一雄
Kazuo Shiraga
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Kazuo Shiraga

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