Catalogue of solo exhibition by Kusama Yayoi in 2004. Kusama started her career with paintings inspired by dramatic hallucinations that she experienced in her youth. In 1957 she moved to the United States, where she gained attention for her paintings of infinitely repeated and porliferating polka-dots and net patterns as well as soft sculpture. Kusama was a pioneer in developing many of the innovative forms of art that characterized the New York art scene of the sixties, including Pop Art, environments, and performance. In recent years, she has once again caused a sensation through exhibitions in museums throughout the world, and her reputation continues to grow. She has continued to take an avant-garde approach to both art and life, always staying on the cutting edge, and this has brought her the enthusiastic support of a wide audience, particularly among the younger generation.

The title of the exhibition 'KUSAMATRIX' combines the artists's name with 'matrix', a situation, framework or substance from which something originates or develops. The exhibition includes a room filled with large balloons bearing Kusama's trademark polka-dots, a mirrored room where flashing lights proliferate infinitely, and a mysterious passageway conataining convex mirrors and chandeliers. Also included in the exhibition are a number of ambitious new works, including video pieces and a space filled with images of dolls developed from drawings.

The present catalogue includes Kusama's chronology, writings by composer/musician Sakamoto Ryuichi and novelist Machida Kou.
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On Presenting KUSAMATRIX - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生

Kusamatrix and Beyond - Fumio NANJO, 南條史生

Kusama: 'the Modern Alice in Wonderland' - David ELLIOTT

A Matrix of Transmigration - an overview of the works in 'KUSAMATRIX' - Takashi AZUMAYA, 東屋隆司

Kusama Yayoi: Kusamatrix
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Kusama Yayoi: Kusamatrix