Featured in this video is the exhibition Landscapes by Chinese artist Qui Shi-hua in the Galerie Rudolfinum (Prague). The exhibition is curated by Petr Nedoma, in collaboration with Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong).

Qui is one of the most prominent contemporary Chinese landscape painters. The exhibition presented masterpieces by Qiu Shi-hua from the 1990s. Qiu is a Taoist who uses meditation to transform his authentic experiences ever since he lived for more than twenty years at the border of a desert in the northwestern China. His visual works, world of light and energy, represents a significant synthesis of the thousand-year-old Chinese tradition of classical Chinese landscape painting and impulses of Western art. Monumental monochromatic paintings, feature the theme of simple, dream-like landscape sections with sparse vegation veiled in a mist. They are paintings bordering on the edge of visibility, the border at which a view is transformed into a vision, into a mental landscape.

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Landscapes by Qiu Shi-hua: Exhibition in the Galerie Rudolfinum