This book documents UK-based Chinese artists Cai Yuan and JJ Xi's collaborative performance works between 1999 and 2005. From the most recent Happy and Glorious which explores cultural difference and national identity to their first controversial intervention Two Artists Jumping on Tracey Emin's Bed at the Turner Prize exhibition, the duo has been challenging and pushing the boundaries of institutionalised art by shocking actions in everyday settings.

'Cai and Xi use the city of London as an exhibition space fusing their actions onto the British national landscape as symbolised by new builidings such as Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge, and established icon such as St Paul's Cathedral. They engage with artistic, political and social activism, making comments on present conditions of globalisation, consumerism and the relationship between East and West.' - Katie Hill

The book contains an introduction by Katie Hill, an interview with the artists by Sally Lai, and photo documentation of their 15 performance works since 1995, with descriptions.

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Madness, Duplicity and Reality - Katie HILL
In the Name of Art - Sally Lai Interviews Cai Yuan and JJ Xi
Mad for Real
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Mad for Real, 瘋狂為了真實