Hailed as a landmark exhibition in juxtaposing Western contemporary art and the artistic expression of 'other' cultures, Magiciens de la terre was the first exhibition which highlighted a broadened perspective which embraced and chronicled the contributions of artists from regions and countries beyond the Western art world. With a preface by Jean-Hubert Martin, curator of the exhibition and director of Musee national d'art moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou.
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IL - visiteur qui cherche le sens? - joue a revenir sur ses pas - Aline LUQUE
True Stories; ou Carte du monde poetique - Mark FRANCIS
6º 48' Sud 38º 39' Est - Andre MAGNIN
La planete tout entiere; enfin... - Pierre GAUDIBERT
Ouverture du piege: l'exposition postmoderne et - Thomas MCEVILLEY
Hybridite; identite et culture contemporaine - Homi K. BHABHA
Ravissantes peripheries - Jacques SOULILLOU
L'Autre; ce grand alibi - Bernard MARCADE
Magiciens de la terre
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Magiciens de la terre

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