In 2002 Shisha initiated the 'ArtSouthAsia' programme, which encompassed a series of exhibitions and residencies from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, in Preston, Manchester, Oldham and Liverpool. This series of exhibitions was contextualised and reflected upon in a ground-breaking conference held at Manchester Art Gallery. Curators, artists, critics and art educationists from South Asia and Britain gave insights into the visual cultures of the international Indian subcontinent and its diaspora. 'Mapping ArtSouthAsia' commemorates the work and informed perceptions of these pioneers of South Asian art and culture and is the legacy of the unique and ground-breaking programme. 'Mapping ArtSouthAsia' offers an exclusive insight into a new visual and academic discourse between the peoples of South Asia and the peoples of the West and celebrates the visual and conceptual memories of 'ArtSouthAsia'.

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Notes towards the mapping of South Asia - S. SAYYID
I think therefore you are: A reflection on the curatorial challenges behind ArtSouthAsia - Jacques RANGASAMY
Sites of art: Other sites, other locations: Some aspects of visual cultures in India - Gulammohammed SHEIKH
You've come a long way, babe - Salima HASHMI
Remaking traditions: Fine arts, crafts and artistry of Bangladesh - Syed Manzoorul Islam
The gaze of the Other upon the Other - John HOLT
Towards building a South Asian network for the arts - Pooja SOOD
Zero down payment: The aesthetics of survival - Huma MULJI
The Hindu Icon: Between the cultic and the exhibitory space - Jyotindra JAIN
Imagining South Asian craft under modernity - Iftikhar DADI
The social dynamics of contemporary Sri Lankan art - Anoli PERERA
British South Asian artists and Interculturalism - Sudha DANIEL
Meaning-making in the work of Loretta Braganza and Mah Rana - Nima POOVAYA-SMITH
Mapping ArtSouthAsia: A Visual and Cultural Dialogue between Britain and South Asia
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Mapping ArtSouthAsia: A Visual and Cultural Dialogue between Britain and South Asia