A collection of documents compiled by Sudhi Pradhan, which together outline the development of the Marxist Cultural Movement in India from early 1930s to the late 1940s. The majority of the documents published in this book are from Pradham's private collection and were originally published in bulletins from the All India Centre of the Progressive Writers' Association and the Indian People's Theatre Association and in a weekly report from the undivided Communist Party of India.
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Chapter headings
On the Progressive Writers' Movement, 1939 - M.R. ANAND
The Youth Cultural Institute, 1953 - A. MUKHERJEE
The Y.C. Programme, 1941
Reminiscences, 1940 - Sajjad ZAHEER
Towards Progressive Literature, 1936
A Note on the Progressive Writers' Association, 1936
The Nature and Purpose of Literature - PREMCHAND
The Indian Renaissance at the parting of way - R.S. FIRAQ
Progressive View of Art - Ahmed ALI
Intellectual and Cultural Reaction - MAMUDUZZAFAR
Tendencies in Contemporary Bengali Literature - S. GOSWAMI
Constitution and a Part of the Manifesto
More on the Youth Cultural Movement, 1969-70
Bengal Progressive Writers Getting Together from Weekly P.W., 1942 - Hiren MUKHERJEE
Bengal Writers and Artists,1942
Singing They Go in to Battle, 1943
The Fourth All India Progressive Writers' Conference, 1942
The First Bulletin of Indian People's Theatre, 1943
The First All India Conference of IPTA
The Draft Resolution of the IPTA
All India Committee of the IPTA
Speech by Prof. Hiren Mukherjee
Bombay Reports
Mysore and U.P. reports
Bengal Reports
Malabar Reports
Panjab Reports
Drama Goes to War - Edgar SNOW, Anna Louise STRONG
Re-organisation of the Bengal Committee IPTA, 1943
US- A People's Symposium, 1943 - Hiren MUKHERJEE
On Progressive Criticism
People's Art - Monoranjan BHATTACHARYA
Notes on Progressive Writing in Bengal - Bishnu DEY
The Theatre and the People, 1943 - S.K. ACHARYYA
A Report on Gujarati - Jaswant THAKORE
The Constitution of the IPTA
Annual Report of the IPTA
General Secretary's Report - Anil D'SILVA
Central Cultural troupe
'Children of the Earth' (film)
Bengal Report
Bombay Report
Dehli Report
Andhra Report
Mangalor Report
Agra and Kanpur Reports
Financial Statement
Activities from October '45 to August '46- Bombay
Dehli Report
Agra Report
Dehli, Calcutta and New groups
Film and Central Troupe
Crisis in Bengal IPTA, 1946
Second Bulletin of P.W.A., 1946
Second Bulletin of P.W.A. (1943-1947)
Bengal Progressive Writers' Association
Andhra P.W.A.
Bombay P.W.A.
Progressive Writings in Gujarati Language
Urdu Section of Bombay
Hindi section of the U.P. P.W.A.
Behar P.W.A.
Karnatak P.W.A.
The Panjab P.W.A.
Hyderabad P.W.A.
Statement on Communal Disturbances, 1946
Hallet Circular, 1936
Cultural Crusade (Andhra PWA), 1943
Manifesto (the 4th Conf. P.W.A.), 1943
Carrying Foward Our Rich Heritage (CPI Conf)
Andhra Squad
Bombay Squad
Kerala Squad
Bengal Squad
Bengal Anti-Fascist Writers and Artists, 1944
Behar Progressive Writers' Conference
Central India Writers' Conference
All Kerala P.W.A.
Two Souvenirs of the Ballet Squad, 1945-46
Impact on Udayshankar and Saigal
Marxist Cultural Movement in India: Chronicles and Documents (1936-47)
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Marxist Cultural Movement in India: Chronicles and Documents (1936-47)