Compilation of text and event documentation published in conjuction with the exhibition 'Mass and Individual: The Archive of the Guyanese Mass Games'. The exhibition considers the notion and initiative of 'mass games' took place in both Guyana and North Korea.

'The Co-Operative Republic of Guyana, a socialist regime in the independent Guyana, was fascinated by the collective identity portrayed in the North Korean Mass Games. Guyana invited North Korean artists to learn how to stage such spectacles. Guyanese artists incorporated their own cultural elements into the North Korean Mass Games and staged the event annually. The Guyanese Mass Games show interesting cultural elements: They manifest distinctive cultural codes of the postcolonial and the Cold War eras, critical aspects of collectivism in the performing arts, an alteration of Socialist-Realism by incorporating local elements, and the transnational exchange of art and culture via sharing an ideology. The exhibition suggests that such a cultural spectrum was not simply a trend in the past; rather, it is still an ongoing issue in contemporary visual art. Participating artists Jungju An, Joonho Jeon, Yunjoo Kwak, Suntag Noh, Polit-Sheer-Form, and Diana Yoo demonstrate that such cultural elements are still influential in our contemporary life and culture.' (excerpt from the exhibition's website)

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Mass and Individual: The Archive of the Guyanese Mass Games
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Mass and Individual: The Archive of the Guyanese Mass Games, 군중과 개인 ― 가이아나 매스게임 아카이브