'In May 1965, vice president Hubert Humphrey declared that "the Viet Cong has committed the most unbelievable acts of terrorism the world has ever known." And throughout the long conflict in Vietnam, Americans similarly demonized the enemy fighters as reds, gooks, and fanatical killers. Offering a radically different view of these supposedly savage soldiers, Mekong Diaries presents never-before-published drawings, poems, letters, and oral histories by ten of the most celebrated Viet Cong war artists.' - excerpt from the back cover

With map and timeline, notes, index of works, and list of primary sources and bibliography.

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Watercolors of the 1968 Tet Offensive, Letters, Poems and Sketchbooks.
The 1968 Tet Offensive. 'Their Bombs will not bury me. I can still work, paint, sing and write to you.' Huynh Phuong Dong
Watercolors in the Demilitarized Zone, by the Ben Hai River. 'Because war is too hard, the artist must keep faith in beauty and in life.' Pham Thanh Tam
Drawings, Poems and Stories from the Mekong Delta, 1969-1975
Watercolors of the Plain of Reeds and Black Virgin Mountain. Vanishing Landscapes.
The Morning after the War was Over
Mekong Diaries: Viet Cong Drawings and Stories 1964-1975
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Mekong Diaries: Viet Cong Drawings and Stories 1964-1975

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