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Taipei Fine Arts Museum Quarterly (臺北市立美術館館刊):

1984: Apr

1985: Jan

1986: Oct

1987: Apr

1988: Jan, Apr

Modern Art (現代美術) :

1988: no.21, no.22

1989: no.26, no.27

1990: no.28, no.29(2 copies), no.30, no.31, no.32, no.33

1991: no.34, no.35, no.36, no.37, no.38

1992: no.40, no.41, no.42, no.43, no.44, no.45

1993: no.46, no.47, no.48, no.49, no.50, no.51

1994: no.52, no.53, no.54, no.55, no.56, no.57(2 copies)

1995: no.58, no.59, no.60, no.61, no.62, no.63(2 copies)

1996: no.64, no.65, no.66, no.67, no.68, no.69

1997: no.70(2 copies), no.71(2 copies), no.72, no.73, no.74(2 copies), no.75

1998: no.76, no.77, no.78, no.79, no.80, no.81

1999: no.82(3 copies), no.83, no.84, no.85, no.86

2000: no.89, no.90, no.91, no.92, no.93

2001: no.94. no.95, no.96, no.97, no.98, no.99

2002: no.100(2 copies), no.101, no.102, no.103, no.104, no.105

2003: no.106(2 copies), no.107, no.108, no.109, no.110, no.111

2004: no.112, no.113, no.114(2 copies), no.115, no.116(2 copies), no.117

2005: no.118, no.119, no.120, no.121, no.122, no.123

2006: no.124, no.125, no.126, no.127, no.128, no.129

2007: no.130, no.131, no.132, no.133, no.134, no.135

2008: no.136, no.137, no.138, no.139

2009: no.141, no.142, no.143, no.144, no.145, no.146, no.147, no.148

2010: no.149, no.150, no.151, no.153

2011: no.154, no.156, no.157, no.158, no.159

2012: no.160, no.161, no.162, no.163, no.164, no.165

2013: no.166, no.167, no.168, no.169, no.170, no.171

2014: no.172, no.173, no.174(2 copies), no.175(2 copies)

2015: no.176, no.177, no.178, no.179

2016: no.180, no.181, no.182(2 copies, with a supplement of Chen Shiau-peng's Gifts Artists Look For), no.183

2017: no.184, no.185(with a supplement of a roll of Pan Hsin-hua's drawings. Ask library staff for assistance), no.186, no.187

2018:: no.188, no.189, no.190, no.191

2019: no.192, no.193, no.194(with a supplement of a pack of playing cards titled 'HELL+'. Ask library staff for assistance), no.195, no.196

2020: no.197, no.198, no.199

2021: no.200, no.201, no.202, no.203, no.204

2022: no.205

Note: Modern Art was published bi-monthly from August 1998Dec 2013, and is now published quarterly.

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Xian dai mei shu | Taipei Fine Arts Museum Quarterly | 臺北市立美術館館刊 | Tai bei shi li mei shu guan guan kan | Modern Art Bimonthly |

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Modern Art (All holdings in AAA)
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Modern Art (All Holdings), 現代美術

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