'This book contains foundational studies of various modernities in Japanese art published since 1986 by John Clark. His articles address modern Japanese print history, modern Japanese aesthetics, the history of Japanese ‘Western-style’ painting including the avant-garde, the relation of art and foreign aggression, and the post World War II development of critical art, as well as post-modernism. The basis for these essays is ongoing empirical research in Japanese sources over many visits to Japan since 1969, with at the same time a theoretical rigour derived from semiotics applied to traditional ‘Japanese-style’ painting and other subjects. Some of these essays which were previously published in French and Japanese appear here in English for the first time.' - from back cover.

This book includes list of illustrations, endnotes, list of names and special terms with characters, index and bibliography. 
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Chapter headings
Section 1: Etchings and Reprographics
Chapter 1: Japanese Etchings
Chapter 2: Late Meiji Reprographics and the Early Modern
Chapter 3: Some Later Prints
Section 2: Early Yoga
Chapter 4: Charles Wirgman
Chapter 5: Modernity in Japanese Painting
Section 3: Nihonga
Chapter 6: Modernism and Traditional Japanese-style Painting
Chapter 7: Neo-Traditional Art in the New North-South Context, with Examples from Japan and Thailand
Section 4: Aesthetic Ideology
Chapter 8: Okakura Tenshin (Kakuzo) and Aesthetic Nationalism
Chapter 9: Kuki Shuzo: Sovereign Domains: The Structure of 'Iki'
Section 5: Transitions in Taisho Yoga
Chapter 10: Impressionism in Japan: the Indirectness of Reception
Chapter 11: The Mainstream of Modernity
Section 6: Surrealism
Chapter 12: Surrealism in Japan
Chapter 13: Dilemmas of Selfhood: Public and Private Discourses of Japanese Surrealism in the 1930s
Section 7: The Place of History and the Other
Chapter 14: Artists and The State: The Image of China
Chapter 15: Modernities, Histories: the Japanese Case
Section 8: Critical Modernity and Post-Modernism
Chapter 16: Masterpieces: Surface and Subterranean Monuments in Modern Japanese Art
Chapter 17: Postmodernism in Japan: The Conditions for Post-Modernity in Japanese Art of the 1980s
Section 9: Japanese Modernity in Comparative Perspective
Chapter 18: Yoga in Japan: Model or Exception?
Modernities of Japanese Art
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Modernities of Japanese Art

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