Catalogue of a community art exhibition at the Hong Kong Art Centre during the 'most dramatic periods in modern history' in Hong Kong. The exhibition makes the visitors 'alert of how the syntax of the history museum operates and what kind of the historical imagination it creates'.
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Museum Ninety-seven

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Introduction: On History and Interpretation of History - HO Hing Kay Oscar, 何慶基
Musuem Seciton I: The Prehistoric Hong Kong Museum
How To Remember Our Past - Myth, History, Musuem - LEUNG Mantao, 梁文道
The Geographical Situation of Lautau Island and Neighbouring Hong Kong - TUNG Kaicheung, 董啟章
The Story of 'Lo Ting'
The Tanka From 1197 to 1997 - HUNG Hofung, 孔誥峰
Museum Section II: the Pre-97 Hong Kong History Museum: A Community Project
Museum Section III: Museum of Personal Histories
Personal History of 'Uncle Lo'
Personal History of 'Grandma Cheung' From Shantung Street
Personal History of 'Ng Chung Yin'
Museum 97: History Community Individual
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Museum 97: History Community Individual, 九七博物館:歷史社群個人

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