This book features Korean artist Atta Kim's Museum Project which he started in 1994. In the words of Kim, 'Museum Project attempts to deconstruct the museum in its literal sense as defined in a dictionary and turns it into a private one. I believe all things in existence have historical meaning and value as relics, and I understand humankind as a master of the history. The setting of Museum Project can be made in any place like nature, in downtown, or even in virtual space. All the places have their own uniqueness, but once an acrylic box is installed in one of them it is transformed into my stage, my museum.' Includes artist biography.
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Love Song of Prometheus - YOON Jinsup, 윤진섭
My Own Private Museum: Atta Kim's Photographic Work - LEE Youngjune, 이영준
Museum: Atta Kim
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Museum: Atta Kim

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